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 K-style Gutter Systems

 The K-style aluminum gutter systems we install are seamless and constructed of .027 gauge (6" gutter) or .032 gauge (7" gutter)  aluminum. The aluminum has a factory baked on enamel finish, and is available in a variety of colors to coordinate with your home. Our  material is manufactured by Senox and backed by a 50 year manufacturers warranty. 
 Our seamless gutter systems are mounted with professional quick screw hangers. This is the strongest method of installation. 
 Hangers fit inside the gutter & attach to your homes fascia board with a screw. Hangers are not visible from the ground view of the
 gutter  system. If your home has an angled fascia board aluminum bumpers will be installed behind the gutter to create
 a flat surface for the gutters to rest on. This will prevent sagging. The bumpers we use are custom cut to be precisely the correct angle
 for  your home.

Bumper for Angled Fascia

Seamless Gutter Machine

Hidden Hanger Bracket

Our seamless gutter corners are hand mitered, which means better looking corners with no extra seams required. Hand mitered  corners are cut and tabbed to fit together tightly. This method of mitering does not require a strip miter which is an easier less  professional method of mitering.  The seam is sealed with elastomeric caulk.


Hand Mitered Corners
(Our Method)

Strip Mitered Corner

 Our gutter systems are installed with splash guards in place everywhere that they are required. Splash Guards prevent water from  overshooting the gutters in the valleys. The amount of water that flows from a roof valley into a gutter is much greater than the amount  of water that flows into the gutter from other sections of the roof. When rain water overshoots the gutter, it falls to the ground close to  the foundation, causing ground erosion, foundation problems and landscape damage.
 Our splash guards are color coordinated with your roof's drip edge so that they blend well with the home and do not detract from your  home's curb appeal.

Color Matched Splash Guards
(Our Method)

Splash Guards Matched
to Gutter

 Additional Services Offered

Half Round Gutter System

Copper Gutter System

Galvalume Gutter System

 Underground Drainage

 We offer underground drainage as a solution to move water away from an area that does not drain well without the need for  unsightly downspout extensions. We use vinyl drainage pipe and pop-up drain emmitters. Pop-Up drainage Emitters act as the  discharge point of a drainage system, opening easily when needed to allow water to flow freely from the pipe and away from  structural foundations. The patented spring-loaded cap opens with the hydrostatic pressure of water flowing through the drain  pipe, then closes as the flow diminishes.

 Rain Barrells

Adopting a River Friendly lifestyle is a wonderful way to protect the health of the St. Johns River. Rain barrels are a great way to be river friendly and collect precious natural water. Rain barrels help prevent stormwater runoff that can quickly carry harmful nutrients into storm drains which lead directly to the River and tributaries.

What is a rain barrel?
A rain barrel is a simple way to harvest rainwater by collecting water runoff from your roof. 
Where do I put it?
Rain barrels can be used anywhere water flows off your roof. On a house with gutters a rain barrel can be attached to the downspout. 
How can I use the water?
Water collected in rain barrels is devoid of chemicals and treatments including fluoride and chlorine and is therefore better for the lawn or garden. You can attach a garden hose, soaker hose, or use a watering can under the spigot. The water should not be used for drinking.
Why should I use one?

The average person living in the watershed of the St. Johns River uses approximately 140 gallons a day and more than 50% of that water is for outdoor use. An inch of rain produces 625 gallons of water runoff from a 1,000 square-foot roof. You can conserve hundreds of gallons of water with every inch of rain and lower your water bill!

Spring Saver Rain Barrel $139.00

Spring Saver Rain Barrel

- free 4 ft. overflow/linking kit
- dual overflow (hose compatible)
- stores 50 gallons
- compact flatback design
- recessed low-splash top
- flash storm channel
- threaded spigot (2 access points)
- corrosion proof intake screen
- size 24 x 19 x 33" tall
- high density polyethylene
- made in USA

Spruce Creek Rain Barrel $230




- stores 54 gallons
- fully assembled for easy setup
- one piece closed design prevents access
 of children, pets and wildlife.
- brass spigot for attaching garden hose
- threaded attachment for connecting hose
 below spigot at bottom of barrel
- automatic overflow with 6 foot hose 
(high volume rather than standard garden hose)
- secure double screen keeps out insects and 
filters heavy debris from entering rain barrel
- Size 23" round and 36" tall
- durable - over 20 lbs | nearly 1/4 inch thick
- food grade polyethylene plastic
- partial content pre-consumer recycled 
- linkable with connector